About Us

2048Arena.com website is for people who love playing 2048 game. This is a free online math game which is interactive and challenging.

The idea of this website came when we played the 2048 game and liked how fun and interactive this game is. Not only that, it is quite challenging to achieve the 2048 number.

Variants of 2048

1. 2048 4x4 Game

This is the orginal and simple 2048 game with number tiles. Here you have to cojoin two same numbers in order to get a bigger number to achieve the 2048 tile.

2. 2048 Pokemon Game

In 2048 Pokemon game, you get Pokemons instead of the numbers. Here, you have to merge the same Pokemons. The aim is to merge the same Pokemons and get Mewtwo!

We will come up with more variants of 2048!

3. 2048 Cupcakes Game

Here in 2048 Cupcakes game, you have to merge the cupcakes. This is for all the cupcake lovers who love joining cupcake tiles instead of numbers.

We will come up with more variants of 2048!

4. 2048 3x3 Game

5. 2048 5x5 Game

6. 2048 Reverse Game

7. 2048 Fortnite Game

8. 2048 Minecraft Game

9. 2048 Holidays Game

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