2048 Cupcakes


Combine the Cupcakes to score high!

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2048 Cupcakes game is a variant of the original 2048 number game. In this game, you have to combine the same looking cupcakes in order to get the next level cupcake. Apart from this, you will be able to see your score at the top.

This is a completely free online-game which can be played on the browser of any device.

About 2048 Cupcakes

2048 is a small but highly addictive game that captures the players into a loop of swiping and matching the numbers. One of the popular variants of this game is 2048 cupcakes.

Similar to the original game, you have 16 squares here in a 4*4 grid. In these squares, cupcakes will appear after every swipe of yours.

The appearing cupcakes are the less tasty, but we have to keep merging them and create tastier ones. By the looks of it, it appears to be a game for kids only but it is as interesting as 2048.

From vanilla, strawberry, and lemon cupcakes, you will eventually get the chocolate cream ones. Remember, you might start craving cupcakes while playing this game.

It can be tough initially to remember the order of the cupcakes and the squares can be full soon. But after just 2-3 games, you won't find much difference between 2048 Cupcakes and the original game.

In 2048 Cupcakes, when you merge the 2 basic cupcakes, you earn 4 points and a new cupcake that is now worth 4 points.

Now, when you merge these 4 points (strawberry) cupcakes, you earn 8 points and a new lemon cupcake. This goes on and on with tastier cupcakes and bigger points.

All the points you receive while merging the cupcakes are shown at the top. You can compete with your friends or yourself on the basis of these points. It is a short game and can be easily finished in 15-20 minutes if you play well.