2048 Doge


Merge the Doge tiles to score high!

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2048 Doge Game is quite different from other variants of 2048 game. In this animal based game, you will love the moving doge tiles which makes the game more interesting. The rule for this game is same like other variants of the game. You need to merge the same doge to score high.

You just need an internet connection and you can start playing using browser on any device.

About Game

People who are fan of the 2048 game and also love doge memes, won't find a better crossover than the 2048 Doge game. Doge, popularized name of a Japanese dog called Shiba Inu, is world-famous since 2013 in online pop culture.

It has inspired a number of merchandise, games, and whatnot. 2048 Doge features Shiba Inu in different styles and makeovers. They will appear on the 4*4 grid on your screen one by one and you have to merge the similar tiles.

Initially, you will find a winking doge in the simple green background, and as you merge them, ahead wobbling doge with universe background appears. It goes on and a different doge with a more flashy background and minor changes in their face will appear.

The major difference between 2048 Doge and other variants is that all the doge tiles are in GIF format. There is a tile with doge having trippy eyes and then one with doge's face and moving pizza in the background.

All the doge tiles have been assigned certain points in increasing order and as you merge them, the points assigned to them get added to your score.

To win the games you have to create the doge with the highest points assigned. You can also examine your performance on the basis of the high score.

This 2048 Dog game is addictive and will get you stuck to your device for a while. Like the other variants, it will take a few games before you stop making mistakes. You can play this game in any browser on your phone or computer.