2048 Reverse


Play backwards to aim for no. 2!

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About Game

To make the 2048 number game more challenging, this version of 2048 is developed. Here, in 2048 reverse game, you have to start from the 2048 numbers and merge them. Then, you will get lower number, again, you have to merge the lower numbers and so on. Your aim is to achieve number 2.

2048 is a pretty easy game to play but a little difficult to win. If you play with the right strategy of assembling the bigger numbers at one corner and keep merging others by swiping, you will eventually achieve the number 2048 in no time.

A lot of gamers have also played beyond that and reached up to 4096 and 8192 on 3x3 board and 5x5 board game. But if you are looking to face a tough challenge, 2048 Reverse is the most difficult version of the game.

How To Play?

In this game, when you merge the two tiles, they do not double but become half of their previous number. 2048 Reverse starts with 2 tiles with numbers 2048 or 1024, appearing on your screen in a 4*4 grid of 16 tiles. You have to merge the two 2048s or two 1024s and it will become a single tile of 1024 or 512 respectively.

And the another 2048/1024 tiles will appear. Remember to play with the same strategy of cornering the created numbers but here you will have to put aside the smaller numbers.

It is worth repeating here is that the game is tough to win. You will easily go up to 16 and then 8. but beyond that, you will have to put extra effort and probably restart again and again.

The scoring system is also there in 2048 Reverse as in all other variants and a high score is added on the top. Obviously, you do get the total of the numbers written on the tile as points, as is the case with the original 2048 game.

But scoring is the same as 4, 8, 16, 32 for merging successive tiles. This interesting game can be played on any web browser.