2048 Tetris


Aim to get to the 2048 tetris tile!

2048 Tetris Game Explanation

The blocks containing number falls from the top. The player needs to collapse the falling blocks in left, right or downward direction. The aim is to get to the 2048 tile!. The gameplay is same like the original Tetris game. The only difference here is that, you need to merge the same numbers to achieve the 2048 number.

It has 3 modes, easy, medium and hard. The speed of the falling blocks changes when you switch between the easy, medium or a hard mode. By default, medium mode is selected. Here you can play more such game based puzzles like 2048 flappy, 2048 pokemon and many others.

About Tetris Game

Tetris is a puzzle game developed in 1984 by a software engineer. In original tetris game, the blocks falls in different shapes and the player can even change the shape in order to fill the space at the bottom. Once any horizontal line fills with the blocks, it get disappear, making room for more blocks to fall. But in 2048 tetris game, you cannot change the shape. You just need to fall on the same number blocks. There are different variations available of the 2048 game.