2048 Tips And Tricks

2048 is an interesting maths puzzle game where you combine numbers to form an ultimate number i.e 2048. It sounds simple but not everyone can manage to crack the game.

You just have to make sure that your 4*4 tiles have space for newer numbers before you reach 2048. Very good puzzle-solvers get their tiles full and run out of moves quickly. Here, we have some handy tips for you that you should remember while playing this game.

Though you can go beyond 2048, it is the first milestone when you can say you completed the game. Follow these strategies to score your best.

1. Build from a Corner

From the start only, you should swipe your tiles to one side. Try that the biggest number you have made in any step of the game should always be in one corner.

The trouble of tiles getting filled with numbers begins when you lose the corner and a small number occupies it.

While holding a corner, you should try to swipe all the numbers in that corner from both sides i.e. vertically and horizontally.

2. Do this when you can’t swipe towards one corner in 2048

Most of the time there are no similar numbers on the board, and there won’t be any option to swipe towards the corner you are holding on to.

In that case, you can choose to swipe in other directions. But try to do that for only 1 or 2 moves and hold your corner again.

3. Play Slowly because of these important reasons

You can join only 2 similar numbers at once. But, there are lots of chances when you have 3 similar numbers, either side by side or in an L shape. People merge these numbers randomly at a fast speed. That’s a big mistake as you can miss the chance to create a larger number after that.

When you play slow, you can best judge which 2 numbers should be merged to make a larger number just beside another similar larger number. Then these 2 larger numbers can be further merged.

4. If large numbers are far, don’t try joining them

If you follow the strategy discussed till now, your largest number will be in one corner. We try to combine all other numbers in such a way that they can be ultimately merged with this large number. This is an obvious strategy to reach the end number 2048.

However, when you have established a large number in the corner, say 512 or 1024, the other smaller numbers like 256, 128, 64, 32 etc can form far from each other.

You should never try to find a way to join those numbers by changing the swiping direction. When you do that, very small numbers like 2 and 4 appear everywhere on the board. It will only ruin your chances to reach a higher score.

5. Try to assemble the large numbers on one side

This is one of the most important strategies you should follow to win 2048. This tip also helps you avoid the situation discussed in the 5th point.

You should build large numbers on the side of the largest number you have created till now. This side of the board works as a base for all the numbers and you can easily create one bigger number after another.


2048 is a game that you learn by playing more. But the tips discussed above will play a major role in your good performance.

Another obvious trick is to swipe in the direction where most numbers can be merged. This empties your board and creates room for more numbers. But beware of losing the corner by doing such swipes.

These were the best 2048 tips and tricks that will help you win 2048. Let us know if you discover anything we missed.