Merge the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

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How To Play?

The user interface of 2048 is simple and smooth. There are 16 numbered tiles (4x4 grid) but you don't have to touch on the exact tile but just show one direction where the maximum numbers can merge. You do this by swiping on the phone and by using the arrow keys on the PC/laptop. You can play this game on any device, be it a computer, smartphone, or tablet, from the browser.

This number game can get over anytime when you are unable to merge the larger numbers after many swipes and there is no place left for the new tile to appear.

It is a good math game for passing the time while you are waiting for someone. You can also make your kids play this to enhance their multiplication abilities. It is available in other categories like game based, numbers, animals, victuals, and other random games. Board sizes like 2048 3x3, 2048 5x5 and in other theme games like 2048 pokemon, 2048 starbucks, 2048 fortnite, 2048 minecraft, 2048 reverse and many others. This online game website is free and requires no purchase at all.

About 2048 Game

The 2048 puzzle game features an endless playing mode where you have to merge the similar numbers appearing on the screen by sliding number blocks. Eventually, you reach the highest possible number. The number 2048 is just a benchmark as you can further make a high score by continuing the challenge up to 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, and so on.

Apart from the numbers you create by joining, there is also a score calculated simultaneously. This score is calculated based on all the numbers your join with every swipe. E.g. If you join four 16 and 16, the resulting number is 32 but your score will be much higher than 32. Because it not only counts the recent 32 you created but also the previously created number like all the 4s, 8s, and 16s. The highest score is automatically saved and shown in every game.