2048 Variations: List Of Best Games

2048, a simple game that was created by a 19-year-old but impresses everyone alike. Gabriele Cirulli, a web developer from Italy posted this puzzle game on Github after getting inspired by another game Threes. In a few weeks, 2048 got attention from all over the world and was called 'Candy Crush' for math geeks.

It is a simple puzzle game that you can play on your phone by downloading the app or on any browser. If you are here to find other variations of 2048, you might already be well versed with the original game. The game is played to join the similar-appearing numbers to add them and make 2048 before you run out of boxes. Let us find out what we need to do in the other variations of the classic 2048 game.

Top 2048 Variations Available to Play for Free

Here, we have mentioned all the popular versions of the 2048 games. Some games are almost similar without any twist in the gameplay. You can always refer these to people who are fans of related things like Pokemon, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc.

Pokemon 2048

2048 Pokemon is one of the most popular versions of 2048 that features different Pokemon characters. People who want to play the game in a little challenging way or the kids who loved Pokemon a lot will like this game for sure.

The gameplay is quite simple. You will see these characters appear in the familiar 4*4 grid in 16 numbered tiles according to the power hierarchy. You have to swipe and join similar pokemon starting from Big Bulba, Charmander, Squirtle, Chirpchirp, and so on. The highest one you will make is Mewtwo.

Doge 2048

You must be familiar with the very popular Doge meme that has now even entered the blockchain world with cryptocurrencies like Doge and SHIB. If you have loved Doge as a meme, you will surely enjoy the game.

This version is a little better than the other ones as all the characters are the same but modifications. Secondly, you won't see many 2048 versions with animated GIF-like tiles. The different Doge appears in the same 4*4 grid starting with a winking one. You join the 2 winking Doge to make a head-wobbling Doge in the space background.

The Doge's faces are made creatively but you might get confused a lot about the hierarchy while matching them after a while. There is Trippy-eyed Doge, a Doge in a Pizza background, triggered Doge, etc. Points are assigned to each one in the same order as the original 2048 game.

Reverse 2048

This might be a very challenging variation not just for beginners but also for people who play 2048 often. The game, as the name suggests is played in reverse here. Simply put, you will join bigger numbers, in the beginning, starting with 2048, 1024, 512, 256, and so on.

The tiles are in the same arrangement as the original 2048 game i.e on a 4*4 grid. Swipe the numbers till the number 2 appears. All the numbers are assigned a reverse number of points in the game. Eg, if you match two 2048's, you will get 2 points.

As you keep on progressing the game might get a little confusing in absence of any visual cue. But they have made it a little convenient by separating the smaller numbers by showing them in red tiles. Still, going beyond 8s and 4s is quite difficult. The game is over unlike other versions once you reach the last number i.e 2.

Cupcakes 2048

Get ready to have sweet cravings while you play this tasty 2048 variation. Here, you start by merging 2 vanilla cupcakes that become one strawberry cupcake. Then you have to join the 2 strawberry cupcakes and make a lemon cupcake, then a marshmallow cupcake, and so on.

As there are different types of cupcakes, the game gets pretty simple after a few attempts. You can reach the tastiest piece after playing patiently and wisely for 15-20 minutes.

Merging the cupcakes also fetches you some points that are assigned to them. You will know your score mentioned at the top. The game is best to make children play something competitive at home or at family gatherings.

Fortnite 2048

Children and adults today follow Fortnite much more than Pokemon. This game brings different weapons found in the Fortnite games on the tiles on your screen and you have to merge the similar ones.

It starts with 2 machine guns and then there are revolvers, guns, assault rifles, etc. If you are not very good at the original game, maybe you can put a good score here merging some very high-end weapons.

Holidays 2048

Not with a very appealing interface but here is another variation you can play of the game 2048. You have to merge the holiday wishes here that appear in the 16 tiles grid. There are 2 happy new year wishes at the beginning that carry one point each.

As you merge the new year wishes, you will get Happy Valentines Day, then, Happy St. Patrick's day, Happy Easter, Happy Mother's Day, 'Happy Father's Day, and so on. It is a good game for telling small kids about all our festivals while they have fun connecting the same ones.

Minecraft 2048

If you are tired of playing Minecraft with so many people and need a fresh break, this is for you. The game here is quite interesting and very challenging to get the result. Starting from matching the most simple block in Minecraft, you have to gradually match different stones to find the highest one.

The game can be a little difficult for people who don't play Minecraft as you might find a lot of blocks confusing. Two different blocks appear similar at times. But all those appear in the tiles in the GIF format which keeps you hooked and you enjoy the game.

Bunnies 2048

We didn't expect 2048 to take such a cute turn. This is like the perfect stress-buster in the middle of tasks that are keeping us irritated. The tiles in 2048 Bunnies feature very adorable pictures of rabbits.

You have to start by joining the similar-looking ones that unlock the next ones. The farther you reach in the game, the cuter these bunnies get. If you are looking for a 'simple-to-play but is actually tough' game for your kids, this might be the perfect one.

Speed 2048

I didn't like this game. Not just this is the most difficult version of 2048, I'm sure you can't win this. So, Speed 2048 is almost exactly like the game 2048, except the numbers appear on the screen too quickly even if you haven't swiped the previous ones. You have to swipe very fast to not let the numbers fill the grid and lose.

However, the game does envoke your speed mode as you get too desperate to match the similar tiles quickly. But it could be completed only if the speed was a little slower. As you get your score at the top, you can enjoy this game with friends by comparing who got the highest score before the grids got full.

2048 AI

This is not just a game but also an auto-2048 solver using artificial intelligence. If you want to learn the best way to solve the puzzle and keep scoring on 2048, you must check it.

It allows you to play normally but with the option to press 'Auto-run' and let the AI play. You can also click 'Hint' while playing and arrows will appear at the top to guide you with the best move.

2048 5x5 Game

If you want to win at a tougher variation of 2048, you will like this one. As the name suggests, numbers appear here on a 5x5 board of 25 tiles. Your goal is the same, i.e to get the number 2048 before you run out of empty tiles. This sounds quite easy but it is actually challenging.

In the original version, you have to merge more than one pair at times to empty more space. But here, that coordination is a challenge. In trying to merge more pairs, you might end up with a more complex grid as there are a lot of numbers.

Secondly, after you merge each pair, two numbers (2 & 4) appear on the screen unlike in the 2048 4*4 grid where only 1 number appeared at a time.

2048 Tetris

This game is a perfect amalgamation of 2048 and another very popular game Tetris. In 2048 Tetris, you will see 2s and 4s dropping from above and you have to set this in such a place that they merge with their pairs and leave you some space for more numbers.

It's very tough to get 2048 here because you get 4 seconds to add and adjust each tile and as the blocks are filled, you won't be able to utilize the time fully. But you can compete according to the score. This version also allows you to set the difficulty level between Easy, Medium, and Hard according to the speed.

2048 Variations Conclusion

These were some interesting variations of the 2048 game. The games have been received well not just by kids and teenagers but by anyone with a competitive spirit. As the game includes numbers and solving it needs some intelligence, most people would want to defeat others and in the process, they get hooked. You can also make your kids play to improve their judgment, concentration, maths, and logical abilities.